Conference Venue

Wuhan, China| Oct. 14-16, 2022

Wuhan is situated in central China and known as one of the hottest cities. As the capital city of Hubei province, Wuhan has developed into the political, economic and cultural center among this area. The urban city covering an area of 8,494 square kilometers and live by 8.58 million people. The world third largest river-Yangtze River and its largest tributary of Han River are joint in this city, Wuhan lies along the river and compose by Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang three towns, the Chinese great poets in Tang dynasty-Li Bai has creatived a poet said "blowing Jade Flute in the yellow crane Tower, plum blossom in the may day in river city", so that this large central city in hinterland of China has been praised as "River City" since ancient times. Nowadays the city has divided into 13 districts and 3 State-level economic development zones: Wuhan economic and technological development zone, East Lake high-tech development zone, Wujiashan Taiwan investment zone).

Wuhan is one of typical garden cities in China with hundreds of hills are all over the city, and almost 200 lakes are settled between them. The water area occupies one-fourth of the land area in the city, and listed on the top of China’s developed cities. The East Lake has occupies the area of 33 square kilometers, which has been regarded as the largest artificial lake in China. 


Wuhan, has been known as the “"the city of thoroughfare of its nine neighboring provinces”, as well as the largest water, air and land transport hub in the hinterland of China. The city takes its unique advantage of geography which is only 1000km away from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu Xian and other major cities in China, so called the soul city of China. The unique geographical advantage and thereby creates a most effective transportation network. The four China’s important railway of Beijing-guangzhou Railway, Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Wuhan-Jiujiang Railway and Wuhan-Danjiang Railway, and six national high-speed ways are all go access this city. Wuhan Port is one of is the important hubs and world cargos transport ports in China.
Tianhe International Airport is the largest airport in central China and the only airport apply for entry visa on arrival, the terminal 2 was put into use after 2008, and the annual passengers’ capacity is access to 10 million, was listed by the China’s four major airport hubs.
The huge regional transportation advantage was promoted the rapid development of modern logistics industry in Wuhan. The city is aim to build into a national logistics hub and creative a modern logistics system, layout of a modern logistics zone that composes by logistics center and distribution center. Wuhan now has become a bridge connected domestic and global trade markets.


Wuhan is an important industrial base in China with a strong industrial system. Now they are vigorously developing the modern manufacturing industry and upgrading of industrial technology. It focus on the development of produce iron and steel, automobile and machinery, electronic information, tobacco, petroleum chemical industry, environmental protection and food, home appliances, medicine, paper making and packaging industry those ten leading industrial in domestic China. the local government  also use industrial policy to introduce this companies develop into a zone  that focus developed steel,  chemical and environmental protection industry zone, automobile and electromechanical industry zone, and electronics and bio-accumulation of pharmaceutical industry zone. A large number of enterprises that annual sales over billions and the companies which owns the core technology and famous brands are now emerging in Wuhan.


Wuhan was always been a financial centre of the Yangtze River Delta. Since the late Ming dynasty and early Qing dynasty, Hankou town was became one of the four major towns throughout China, known as the most flourishing town in central China. In the beginning of last century, Hankou was listed as the second largest foreign trade port in China, as well as one of China's four major financial centers. Today, this place still attracted many merchants, every commercial street are seems very crowded. At present, there are more than 120,000 commercial outlets in the city and 3 enterprise ranks among the top 30 national enterprises, the city's GDP break out to billion Yuan per year. The international companies as France’s "Carrefour", and Germany "Metro" and the United State’s "Wal-Mart" are all opened there chain stores in Wuhan, it was effectively promoted the city’s economic. The finance and securities business are also active, more than 10 foreign banks and insurance companies were set up their offices in Wuhan.

Wuhan History

Wuhan’s city civilization can be traced back to 3,500 years ago. It was called Panlong City in the past time. The archaeological excavation has approved that this is the oldest city moat along Yangtze River Delta, and was considered as a breaking points of culture and civilization between the Yellow River and Yangtze River by scholars. Due to the convenience waterway transport and rich natural resource, Wuhan has always been an important military strategist, and afterwards this place change from regional political and military centers develop into economic centre. Wuhan people heritage the sprite of The Revolution of 1911 (the Chinese bourgeois democratic revolution led by Dr, Sun Yat-sen which overthrew the Qing Dynasty) of that dared for the first in the world.